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Goat simulator is a pretty kick-ass game as seen by millions of players and day by day its growing because its vast features and playability available for different platforms And its not really that much big in size too the graphics, dynamics, models, textures are just more than awesome! And we have been thriving from the start to play this and since.

We have it both for the 3 devices its available so we thought why not to give it away to some peoples so that they can also enjoy the game and so here we are giving away for everyone and for every devices available the game is around and hope you guys also enjoy this game to a great extent as there are like loads of fun in this game and its Like a great Bomb packed into a nutshell.

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game screenshot 1

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More About Goat Simulator

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Currently there are like loads of updates going around and peoples are going crazy with this game as the it is providing like unlimited fun to the players and we really appreciate the peoples who got it and started playing it from our site and I think this thing really worked for peoples and they are really happy with this and keeping and helping peoples are the only way to get success as we have achieved loads of successful achievements.

This isn’t really a thing for us we will be keeping adding more stuff for you guys here just be sure to keep checking our site everyday for more news, mods and cheats and stuff you’ll ever really need in your life to enhance it up to a greater level and this helps to keep us busy at work as we tend to keep working and working is the only way you wanna achieve some place you really want to go.

Goat simulator is basically a game about a goat which is mostly roaming around a place and doing nonsense stuffs around the place and this is like a mini GTA game you can hop into stores , drive and also can do fights and there are different goat models you can choose your character from and this is what i think makes this game much more better and unique than others and this is a Paid Full version game that we are offering you guys.

For most platforms around and can be called as “goat simulator free” which isn’t really a complete version this is a full version that we have already bought and have been playing since the start and we have been really enjoying this so we thought why not giving it away to the peoples so that they can also get some loads of fun and we ask you not to distribute this software around we urge you to send those peoples and to tell them to get it from here as the company.

Status counter is set to see how many got the app had if it was available around and this game is owned totally by their game makers and we do not claim any rights of the game we are just here sourcing peoples to the free download links available around the whole Internet.

Game Features

The game features are absolutely amazing and the best feature of the game is the licking part you can literally drag any object around by sticking the tongue of that goat with the object needed to be dragged around and also there are achievements to be done in return you get some real exciting unlocked stuff in the game and small goat statues are hidden around the whole game.

World which can turn you goat into a giraffe or can hook you up with a jetpack which you can use at any time available this is actually a parody of purgatory it as made due to a fun of act for a game but soon it turned out and the game got downloaded by millions of peoples around the whole world and that is why we are doing this.

This game was released on April fools day and it has been running hit game on every stores around for such a long time and we ask you to keep sharing and spreading the love around

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

A Comprehensive Review

Playing video games is a perfect way to relax, catch fun and ease-off tension accumulated during the day or the past week. Action packed video games give players adrenaline boost and thrills, especially when competing with friends and family. Video games are kind of addictive in nature, and they can be use foster healthy competition, teamwork and friendships, and these are some of the main reasons they were developed in the first place.

One of the best action-packed video game to play is Goat Simulator. It was developed by Coffee Stain Studios and it is a third person perspective action video game.


Coffee Stain Studios held an internal one-month game jam in 2014 and this event gave birth to the Goat simulator, which actually started as a joke prototype. Armin Ibrisagic, who was the leading developer for this action packed game, described it as an old-school skating game, instead of being a skater, you are a goat, wrecking stuffs instead of doing stunts. Originally, the game allowed players to control different limbs of the goat while using the keyboard, but this game play approach was rejected by gamers in favor of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater type game play.

Prototype used the Apex physics engine as well as the Nvidia Physx engine. The goat and human models within the unreal engine 3 were made using ragdoll physics, and the familiarity from the Sanctum series gave the game developers a significant advantage in the production. The in-game purchases wasn’t developed in-house, instead it was left for third party app vendors.

Alpha state posted footage of the game on YouTube and the game’s footage received lots of reviews, which prompted Coffee Stain Studios to quickly develop it.

Release date

This game was released worldwide by Coffee Stain Studios on 1 April 2014, surprisingly, the release date coincided with April fools day, raising doubts about the game’s validity. Coffee Stain Studios released a patch and free expansion to the game on 3 June, 2014, which helped in fixing game breaking issues as well as the inclusion of other interesting features such as multi-player up to 4 screens, new goat models and a new map to explore based on seaside town with a carnival. The game was also released in different titles on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles as well as android and iOS platforms, still that same year.

Game Play

The player basically explores the game, a suburban setting, as a goat by bashing things, running, jumping and licking objects, which then attaches to the goat’s tongue and this attachment gives the player the ability to drag the objects around, anywhere he or she chooses till they let go. The player may choose to drop the goat into a ragdoll model, because this action will allows the game’s physics to takeover.

This game also has a control that helps the game run in slow-motion, which helps to boost the gaming experience of the players. The game has some environments that give players the ability to manipulate the goat the way they want e.g players can launch the goat into the air through large fans as well as bouncing off trampolines.

The game’s scoring system similar to Tony hawk’s Pro Skater and you can earn points by doing tricks and stunts. You can also build a multiplier by combining tricks in a sequence, giving you better scores as they are executed.

It is actually a very funny game. However, there isn’t so much to play except jumping and breaking things for points. Aiming for high scores is also a motivating factor in the game, especially if you are competing with friends. The mission goals are presented in some kind of achievements, some of these includes high score challenges, seeing how long you can remain airborne, pressing the 1 key several times to hear different goat noises.

There are many things to collect and these things are all stashed around the map and when you gather a lot of these collectibles, you will be able to unlock some alternate models. There are still hidden or unannounced goals e.g. stumbling into a secret goat kingdom, thereby gaining magical powers or choosing to become the queen of all goats, or finding an uncontrollable and awesome jet-packs and some other hidden goals.

It’s funny to send everything flying by kicking over a dining table and then having a piece of fruit and a random plate fly out the window with enough momentum to make a nearby car explode. The feeling that you able to destroy everything standing in your way is awesome, but there are some thing that cannot be knocked down such as buildings and certain types of cars.

Apart from the nice lighting and shadows, every other thing looks un-detailed and plain. It’s as if the goat was featuring in the wrong game, which helps to make the goat’s stubborn behavior feel funnier.

Goat simulator is buggy as advertised. You should expect to see clipping problems such as people getting stock in walls. When you fall through the world or get stock in objects. Coffee Stain said they were going to fix the issue relating to crash bug, but I’m yet to come across any issue relating to crash bugs. However, they vowed never to fix the issues relating to falling through the world or when the goat get stuck in objects. Such bugs according Coffee Stain, makes the game funnier, I couldn’t agree more.

The Verdict

There isn’t really much to play for in the game, but it’s one funny, huge joke of a game. The map is a bit small and dense, but packs lots of jokes and bugs which combine perfectly to give the player unimaginable fun. You’d never know what’s like playing this video game till you lay your hands on it.

The jet-pack adds another dimension to your entertainments, because it gives you the opportunity to fool around using it. It’s actually a very interesting game to play with some amazing features and characters that provides the gamer extreme fun and improved gaming experience. It is currently available as free download thru this site.